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FTM Top Surgery

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Female-to-male (FTM) top surgery is a cosmetic procedure that allows the patient to achieve more masculine chest contours. The team at District Plastic Surgery is proud to be considered one of the best providers of FTM top surgery in Washington, DC. We have helped many patients transform their look with FTM top surgery to better reflect their inner sense of self.

What is FTM Top Surgery?

FTM Top Surgery is a gender-affirming procedure that involves the removal of breast tissue in individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) who are transitioning to and aligning their appearance to a male gender identity.

FTM top surgery is also called subcutaneous mastectomy or masculinizing chest surgery.

Approaches to FTM Top Surgery

The patient’s breast size will affect our plastic surgeon’s approach to FTM top surgery. For patients with smaller volumes of unwanted breast tissue, a nipple-sparing subcutaneous mastectomy may be recommended. This FTM top surgery does not alter the skin, nipples, or areola.

In the case of subcutaneous mastectomy, surgeons make discreet incisions, often around the areola or along the inframammary fold, to meticulously remove glandular breast tissue while preserving the nipple-areola complex.

When a larger amount of breast tissue must be removed, the nipples and areolas will likely need to be resized and/or repositioned to achieve the most natural-looking outcome. This type of FTM top surgery is also known as double-incision top surgery.

Double incision top surgery involves the creation of horizontal incisions across the chest. It allows the surgical team to comprehensively remove excess breast tissue and skin, with the subsequent resizing and repositioning of the nipple-areola complex to achieve a more masculine contour.

Ideal Candidates for FTM Top Surgery

Candidates for FTM top surgery must be generally healthy and free of medical conditions that interfere with the body’s wound-healing processes.

Non-smokers are ideal candidates, though smokers can safely undergo this surgery if they agree to abstain from smoking for a period of time before and after the procedure.

Ideal candidates for FTM top surgery typically exhibit ongoing and documented gender dysphoria, signifying a persistent discomfort with their assigned gender at birth. It is crucial, as it provides a foundation for understanding the individual’s journey and their need for gender-affirming interventions.

Additionally, candidates should have the legal and mental capacity to make responsible decisions. This requirement ensures that individuals undergoing FTM top surgery have the autonomy and cognitive ability to comprehend the implications of the procedure, actively participate in the decision-making process, and navigate the postoperative recovery.

Candidates for FTM top surgery must be generally healthy and free of medical conditions that interfere with the body’s wound-healing processes. Non-smokers are ideal candidates, though smokers can safely undergo this surgery if they agree to abstain from smoking for a period of time before and after the procedure.

    Your Consultation

    During consultations, our focus is on your well-being and understanding the challenges often associated with gender dysphoria. We engage in open communication and hear all of your concerns. We evaluate your FTM top surgery with empathy and compassion.

    We also provide detailed patient education to empower you with information about the procedure and potential outcomes. Consent is crucial, and we take the time to ensure you feel confident and supported in your decisions. We are professionals and a caring team dedicated to making your experience positive and affirming.

    Our surgeon will perform a thorough consultation for a successful FTM top surgery. After reviewing your medical records and examining your chest, we will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals. We will explain the surgery details and recovery process and provide you with the estimated cost.

    Your FTM Top Surgery Procedure

    Here are the details you can expect from your FTM top surgery:

    • The duration of FTM top surgery varies in relation to the complexity of a patient’s specific procedure. Our surgeon will be able to estimate the length of your surgery after creating your treatment plan.
    • The first step of FTM top surgery is to cleanse and disinfect the treatment area.
    • Anesthesia will then be administered, so you are comfortable throughout the procedure.
    • Once the anesthesia has taken effect, our surgeon will proceed with making targeted incisions in the chest area.
    • Breast tissue will be accessed and removed via your incisions.
    • Our plastic surgeon will adjust the remaining tissue, as needed, to ensure smooth, symmetrical results. If necessary, the nipples and areolas will be resized and/or repositioned to create a natural-looking, masculine appearance.
    • To complete the operation, the incisions will be sutured and bandaged.

    The Recovery Process

    After FTM top surgery, we will monitor your condition as the anesthesia wears off and advise you when you can safely leave the surgical facility. You will be able to return home the same day as your procedure. However, you will not be able to drive yourself. It is important that you make arrangements prior to your surgery for someone to drive you home when you are released.

    Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal during the initial phase of your recovery. These symptoms will gradually diminish as you heal. Pain can be managed with medications, as directed by our surgeon.

    Take care to follow all of the recovery and aftercare instructions we provide. It is essential that you properly care for your incision sites and adhere to your physical activity restrictions, so you can avoid complications and support optimal results.

    You will be wearing compression bandages and change them regularly during recovery. It helps promote proper healing and provides necessary support. You also need to adopt a sleeping position on your back.

    You can only shower your lower body if you can prevent the bandages and dressings from getting wet. You may only clean your top body area using a sponge until the surgeon allows you. You can contact your surgeon when you experience unexpected discomfort or concerns during recovery. 

    Risk and Complication

    While FTM top surgery is generally safe, like any surgical procedure, it comes with potential risks and complications.

    Possible risks may include infection, bleeding, or adverse reactions to anesthesia. However, our experienced surgical team takes every precaution to minimize these risks.

    Complications, though uncommon, may include changes in sensation, scarring, or asymmetry. Thorough preoperative assessments, meticulous surgical techniques, and postoperative care contribute to minimizing these potential issues. 

    How Much Does FTM Top Surgery Cost?

    The cost of your FTM top surgery will depend on the extent of your procedure and the surgical techniques required to masculinize your chest. Anesthesia and facility fees will also impact the overall price of the surgery.

    Schedule Your Appointment

    If you want to know more about FTM top surgery in Washington, DC, contact District Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations at every step of the treatment process, and we look forward to providing you with the personalized care you deserve.

    Your FTM Top Surgery will be performed in Dr. Praful Ramineni‘s surgery center located in Washington, DC.

    This has been an amazing experience from the consultation to post-surgery!!! I honestly can’t even express how happy & grateful I am with the results. Everyone….Dr. Ramineni and his whole team are impeccable, to say the least. A very thoughtful, professional, kind, and knowledgable team. I will 100% always refer anyone I know to this amazing team…Dr. Ramineni had a challenge when I came to see him with my issue but he 1000% went above & beyond to achieve perfection with my results. I can’t thank this team enough!! I genuinely want to thank you so much!

    - Sally T.

    Dr. Ramineni was recommended to me by my plastic surgeon as a masterful surgeon who could figure out why I was having complications. He diagnosed the problem correctly and fixed it. I am grateful for his openness, his honesty, and skill.

    - Saiyyaed A.

    Life-altering surgeon. He helped make my dreams come true with the most flawless surgery I’d been waiting my whole life to get. Healing and recovery has been almost disturbingly easy and pain-free. I could not recommend enough. Everyone there is so sweet as well!

    - Katie C.

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